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SWI offers you his exclusive programs on cruises



These two programs are especially designed for you to lose weight effortlessly, painlessly and permanently.
You will enjoy the pleasure of unforgettable vacations as well as the pleasure of pampering yourself while eating
delicious foods prepared according to the original and exclusive concept of Dr. Pierre R. Clero " THE CRETASIAN DIET"


- You have tried to lose weight by being hungry and you know that approach doesn't work .

- So about something revolutionary?

- The SWI approach teaches you the more of the right food you eat, the trimmer and healthier you will become

- Not only you will never be hungry again, but you will love the meals. The food follow the principles of the "MAXIMUM WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM" based on the "CRETASIAN DIET"

- Lectures focus on how to lose excess weight effortlessly, painlessly, efficiently and permanently

- Life is short, why not spend yours looking and feeling the way you deserve.


- This program is all about gaining freedom from medical businesses and having control over your future health.
This goal is accomplished by participants stopping all unnecessary medications, avoiding surgery and regaining their

- lost health and appearance. Sick people see doctors, healthy don't.

- There is no gimmick here - the results come simply from a very nutritious diet, exercises,
improving daily habits and stopping medications with their unpleasant side effects.

- Unfortunately these changes are not easily accomplished on their own so the "10-DAY LIFE-IN PROGRAM" is designed to help them doing exactly that. - Most people tell us than in less than 10 days they feel better than they have in years.
Our patient average weight loss is 3 pounds (1.5 kg) in seven days while eating unlimited amount of delicious foods.

- Significant improvements are seen in blood pressure, in cholesterol, in triglycerides and blood sugar.

- Most (over 90%) people are able to stop their medication for hypertension, type II diabetes, arthritis, indigestion and constipation. Those who must stay on medications are often able to switch to simpler, safer, more effective or less expensive one, or simply lower the dosage. An important objective is for participants to understand their health problems and how to resolve them.

- People worry that their own private doctor will be upset if they stop their drug - they should not be: after all, sick people take drugs
- healthy don't. Beside Dr. Pierre R. Clero personally expends every effort to help people make a smooth transition back to their private doctor
- and when appropriate he is pleased to talk to their own local doctor.

- Dr Pierre R. Clero and the staff of SWI are with the participants every day, for every meal. Cruising together create confidence and trust between the participants and SWI staff. - In addition our team, the professional teaching staff provides cooking instructions, supervised exercised and an in depth education on the psychology behind successful changes.

- The SWI experience focuses on the practical with the primary goal of people continuing the program long after the cruise.

- By the end of the ten days every one knows exactly what to do to regain his or her lost health.

- SWI takes the responsibility of following you all over the year by proposing you to be a privileged member of SWI EXECUTIVE CLUB. That is one of the important reasons why SWI PROGRAMS success rate is over 90%.

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